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Sapporo 2 節分トーク|さあ、節分!!新しい年の始まりです、札幌の雪と祝おう。

日時:2013年2月3日(日)18:00-21:00(22:00 撤収)

場所:よりどこオノベカ ←アクセス

参加費 ¥500 (恵方巻きと豚汁代)+飲み物持ち込み歓迎

18:00-18:10 まずは、皆で恵方巻きを食す。

18:10-18:30 Sapporo2 ProjectのこれまでとSNOW GARDEN | 小川智彦(ランドスケープアーティスト、Sapporo2 Project 発起人のひとり)

18:30-19:10 Chaong Wen Ting(アーティスト、高雄、台湾|npo S-AIR招聘)

19:20-20:00 Zian Chen(キュレーター、台北、台湾 | npo S-AIR招聘)

21:00 年男が音頭をとる「豆まき」、そして懇談会と語り。

22:00 完全撤収

The basic information about the event:

500 yen for sushi and soup, please bring boose and drinks for sharing.

18:00-18:10 event start with traditional ceremony (= eating special sushi with the ceremonious attitude)

18:10-18:30 Presentation of Sapporo 2 project and snow garden by Tomohiko Ogawa, Artist, Sapporo2 project founder

18:30-19:10 Chaong Wen Ting, Artist

19:20-20:00 Zian Chen, Curator

Drink and party

21:00 traditional beans throwing ceremony

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auto park drawing

auto park drawing_b0165697_17242233.jpg

Jan.27, Otaru City

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mountains in the city

mountains in the city_b0165697_172087.jpg

mountains in the city_b0165697_172181.jpg

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seasonable footpath in a park

seasonable footpath in a park_b0165697_1858318.jpg
seasonable footpath in a park_b0165697_18581761.jpg

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Day X

Day X_b0165697_1443364.jpg

Day X_b0165697_1445973.jpg

Day X_b0165697_1452538.jpg


the next day...
Day X_b0165697_18564180.jpg


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experience sample01_city drawing_2011

experience sample01_city drawing_2011_b0165697_1118554.jpg

Kamiel Verschuren/2011/東札幌

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Sapporo2 Project Proposals2011_K.V.

info[*]sapporo2.org ([*]を@に変えてe-mail送信)
We try to make "experiences" of 9 open-ideas by Kamiel Verschuren, Sapporo2 Project founder. Join us as a group activity on OPEN-CALL or if anybody would like to take any of them, please do it individually, then post your experiences ( images and project information: person, date & place. etc..) to our blogs for sharing.thanks. M
Sapporo2 Project Proposals2011_K.V._b0165697_1048285.jpgSapporo2 Project Proposals2011_K.V._b0165697_10484385.jpgSapporo2 Project Proposals2011_K.V._b0165697_10485445.jpgSapporo2 Project Proposals2011_K.V._b0165697_1049540.jpgSapporo2 Project Proposals2011_K.V._b0165697_1049271.jpgSapporo2 Project Proposals2011_K.V._b0165697_10502280.jpgSapporo2 Project Proposals2011_K.V._b0165697_10504485.jpgSapporo2 Project Proposals2011_K.V._b0165697_10505994.jpgSapporo2 Project Proposals2011_K.V._b0165697_10511219.jpgSapporo2 Project Proposals2011_K.V._b0165697_10512646.jpgSapporo2 Project Proposals2011_K.V._b0165697_10514040.jpg

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2013 Project CONTENTS

2013の主要なイベントは、現在のところ下記の通りです。(English is bellow)

Sapporo2 A.I.R
Zian Chen(ジアン・チェン)、台北(台湾)
滞在期間 2013年1月17日~2月27日
Chaong-Wen Ting(チャオン・ウェン・ティン)、高雄(台湾)
滞在期間 2013年1月23日~3月12日
協力:Bamboo Culture Studio TAIWAN

▶ アーティスト・トーク by Chaong-Wen TING, Zian CHEN and 小川智彦 と節分の豆まきパーティ @ よりどこオノベカ
2月3日(日) 18:00- 22:00

▶スノーガーデン by 小川智彦@札幌市立もみじの森小学校、おとどけアート実行委員会
アーティスト・イン・スクール〜転校生はアーティスト〜AISプランニング ブログ


▶(計画中:後日更新)プロジェクト展示 @ FABULOUS WALL, Feb.5-Mar.10(予定)

「除雪体操」の開発と発表 by トムスマオルタナティブと仲間たち

▶ フロンティア・トーク npo S-AIR
AIRプログラム招聘アーティストChaong-Wen Ting、キュレーターZian Chenの滞在報告とSapporo2の次のステップ提案プレゼンテーション & クロージング・パーティ@よりどこオノベカ

Sapporo2 A.I.R organized by npo S-AIR " Frontier, supported by Agency for Cultural Affairs"
Resident Curator: Zian CHEN, Taipei, TAIWAN | Jan.18 - Feb.27, 2013
Resident Artist: Chaong-Wen TING, Kaohsiung, TAIWAN | Jan.23 - Mar.12, 2013
Cooperation of selection : Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei, TAIWAN

▶ Artists' Talk by Chaong-Wen TING, Zian CHEN and Tomohiko OGAWA and Mamemaki PARTY @ ONOBEKA | 18:00- 22:00, Feb.3

▶ "Snow Garden, Tomohiko OGAWA" in Artists in School/OTODOKE ART @ Momiji Dai Elementary School of Sapporo City | Feb.4-15

▶ "Snow Garden Show by Snow Gardeners" in Man-naka hiroba at Soseigawa Park | 11:00-15:00, Feb.9-10
Synchronous event: Snow Man Carnival @ Tanuki Nijo Hiroba

▶(?under consideration?) Sapporo 2 exhibition @ FABULOUS WALL | Feb.5-Mar.10

▶ Release!?!? " Super exercise for Snow Cleaning by Tomsuma alt. and Friends" , Feb.22(?)

▶"Frontier" Talk by Zian CHEN, Chaong-Wen TING and Bamboo Curtain Studio(?under consideration?) as Sapporo2 Project 2013 Closing Event @ ONOBEKA | 19:00-22:00, Feb.22

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snow and its numerous sides

I've been thinking upon limitations and boarders for quite a long time.
It was all covered in white outside when I got up at 5 in the morning; less cars and pedestrians back then, with less tire tracks as well as footprints on the road. So that when I walked on the should-be sidewalk, I've got no trace to figure out if I was stepping on a real sidewalk or it's actually a hole beneath thick covered snow.
As a first morning in Sapporo, I decided to walk from apartment to studio (I intended to jog, but it snows kind of heavy). There's a simple, strait forward subway line that I could follow from 南鄉十八丁目 to 東札幌. But as I almost arrived and turned left into small alleys (thicker and higher snowdrift lie on sidewalks), everything covered by snow firmly ever, without identical signs that I could hardly follow. I lost my sense of direction.
While stood still, I couldn't but speculate that, if locals would laugh about this, or it's a serious case for losing directions (in beautiful white sceneries). Stood on boundless white ground, thinking about what it means by bounds (as well as out-of-bounds), experiences (as well as unprecedented), bright (as well as dark), all would slide about in a confusion that if it's too trivial and I certainly read too much into aestheticism, or if it's crucial for everyone.

Jan 18 in ICC

Zian Chen

snow and its numerous sides_b0165697_16533051.jpg


朝5時に目覚めると、外は真っ白く覆われていた。ほとんど車も歩いている人もおらず、タイヤの跡や足跡すら道には見当たらない。僕が歩道に違いないと思われるところを歩けば、僕が歩道の上を歩いたのか、それともただの深い雪の穴なのか見当をつけるための痕跡を見つけることはなかった。 札幌の朝一日目には、アパートからスタジオまで歩いていくと決めた(ジョギングのはずだっけど雪がひどくて)。南郷18丁目から東札幌まで辿っていけばいいだけのまっすぐな地下鉄の路線があるし。でもほとんど到着するばかりの左に折れた小道のところで(分厚い、高い雪の吹きだまりがあった)、全体がびっちりと雪で覆われてしまって目印もなにもなくなって道に沿って歩く事ができなかった、方向感覚を失ってしまった。




(↑↑いい加減な和訳です、間違いを指摘してください、修正します。1/18 M)
(↑↑私のもあっていなかったら、誰か修正して〜ってことで。これが続くとおもしろいですね。グラフィティのタグみたいに。みんな、重ね塗りのように、重ね訳。1/20 E美)

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It s freezing weather, many people got flu... I m in a bed, too.

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